Nov. 7th, 2011

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Sorry guys - RL's testing the old 'what doesn't kill me...' theory today, I've only just got home from work but I have to go back in an hour or so, am coding Pet part 7 RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!
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HUGELY sorry for the delay this week :( 'orrible nasty RL was determined to keep me out of the house but I HAVE TRIUMPHED and am home just long enough to get it up ;P

ETA: FUCK YOU LJ!!!!!!!!!! Sorry guys, I've tried tro post this numerous times with tweaking of EVERYTHING I CAN THINK OF but it keeps double spacing the text. Sorry. :(

Ok so, with no further faffing - part 7 (here there be ANGST, sorry peeps)

Title: Pet [Part 7]
Author: LadyVader
Pairing/s: Arthur/Eames (Inception)
Category: Multi chaptered – Completed with postings once a week so to not destroy my poor beta’s brain.
Summary: AU fic - Arthur is in his final year of high school and finds himself entirely too interested in the new English teacher. Entirely inspired by the Police lyrics ‘Sometimes it’s not so easy to be the teacher’s Pet’.
Rating: R rated most parts for language etc, NC17 overall.
Word Count: 100k approx in full, this part 9300 approx.
Warnings: Shameless gacking of movie verse characters and dialogue, high school angst and an inappropriate relationship between teacher and student (if this is something that bothers you then please don’t read the fic).
Disclaimer: INCEPTION and its lovely molestable characters belong to Mr Nolan who incepted me into borrowing them: You’ve no one to blame but yourself Chris!
Authors Note: Thanks to [ profile] dreambastion, [ profile] arineat & [ profile] takola for the cheerleading, [ profile] whisperedtones for the banner :D <3 and most of all to my evol, EVOL muse (and sadly put upon beta/ sounding board/ drill sargeant) [ profile] dysonrules. This one is ALL YOURS hon - you created the monster, I hope you enjoys it ;)

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Pet: Part 7 )


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