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Ok, reposting this because am STUPIDSTUPIDSTUPID and totally didn't clock that I didn't have many of my older fics ready for when my site went, so now there's a lot of dead links out there (mi scusi) which I will now hopefully sort, by reposting all to my journal that aren't already here and then I plan to somehow create a fic directory on here so panic ye not those nice people who've messaged me for fics - I'm on it, I swear. :)

Now, Mate - Part 1.

Title: Mate: part 1/2.
Disclaimer: I do not sadly own ANY of the following characters! So basically... JKR= Literary Goddess. Me = Obsessed Fanfic writer. So don't sue me unless you want possession of my student loan repayments.
Rating: Well look boys and girls... it's NC-17, you know the drill.
Pairing: DM/HP
Summary: My own twist on the 'Draco's a Veela' cliché. Draco's a Veela and does NOT want Harry... or does he?
Dedication: For my good and really very new friend Katie of Gryffindor who had the gall to go and grow to the ripe old age of 21. Don't you dare get mature on me Katie or I'll be forced to set your own Fluffy Squadron on you!
Warnings: Get back people! It's slash!!! *gasp of horror* Fleeeeeeee lil' homophobes! Fleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! Oh, and it's dreadfully sappy and angsty here & there.

Part 1/2 of 'Mate.' )


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